I made a tiny person: Month 6


60042723_10212915235255897_6930868951249321984_nWell folks, the semi-annual performance review is upon us – as some of you know, we brought Ro in as a new hire for this year and now is the time when we assess whether we’ll be keeping her on.

So far, her work ethic is what we’d call “Needs Improvement.”

She sleeps most of the day, and then gets angry (dare I say violent?) when her coworkers make any kind of noise. HOW DARE YOU BREATHE NEAR ME?!?! When she is awake, she is awfully chatty and typically talks over people, interjecting her point of view whenever she sees fit. She enjoys banging objects against her desk to produce obnoxious sounds for what seems like hours at a time, and she shouts/fake cries/screeches when she feels that you’re not giving 110 percent of your attention to her.

And the frequency at which she shits her pants and has to go home for the day is just ridiculous.

We are, however, giving very high marks in the areas of yelling at, reaching for, throwing and holding onto things. Additionally, she is quite skilled at feeding herself, despite the necessary drop cloth we’ve had to permanently install in the lunch room. But all in all, we feel that these areas continue to improve and impress us.

We look forward to the next six months to see what skills arise!

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