I made a tiny person: Month 8

Ro has some very interesting hobbies right now, and it’s given us a glimpse into her potential future occupation.

Hobby 1: examining things.

Description: If there’s a tag on something, she wants to “read” it. If there’s a tiny spec under the couch that I missed when vacuuming, she’ll crawl furiously across the room to check it out and then ogle at it for 10 minutes.

Potential occupations:
* Crime scene investigator – preferably the Miami version.
* Race car driver – she wants to go fast. And if you ain’t first, you’re last.

Hobby 2: climbing anything + everything.

Description: self explanatory

Potential occupations:
* Indiana Jones (please try not to die on the job)
* Mt. Everest expedition leader (also try not to die)

Hobby 3: scratching.

Description: cut her nails as short as possible, but it doesn’t matter; she’ll find a way to scratch your face off. Also enjoys scratching different textures to see what sounds they make (which is just as creepy as it seems).

Potential occupations:
* Freddy Kruger (please God, no)
* I can’t think of anything else, so, Freddy Kruger it is. Fuck.

Other talents include: sitting up unassisted, having two teeth (is that a talent?), pulling herself up, standing while holding onto something, waving and crawling at a full sprint.

She also did an AMAZING job helping Mum + Dad at our yard sale today. Yay Ro!66658962_10213285962163838_283979170277490688_n

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