I made a tiny person: Month 9

Coming to a store near you: Mom! The tired, sarcastic, super realistic toy, now with seven witty catchphrases!! Hear Mom say all the following (classic Mom!) phrases endlessly throughout the day:

• No thanks, I don’t really want you to put your fingers in my mouth.

• Oh! There’s hamburger in your neck rolls.

• Please stop touching your poop. Great, now it’s on your face.

• Stop biting the cat’s tail.

• I would really appreciate if you didn’t lick that wall. Chair. Grocery cart. Floor. Door stopper. Oh well, too late.

• Please leave Daddy’s nipple alone.

• DO NOT PUT THAT IN YOUR MOUTH! *Ro lifts said item up to her mouth while maintaining full eye contact, flashes a smirk, places said item in mouth anyways.

Ro has perfected crawling, pulling herself up and standing while holding onto something, plus she can wave, recognize her own name, give hugs and mimic sounds/simple actions. She’s still working on blowing kisses and is desperately trying to figure out how to take a step.

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