I made a tiny person: Month 11

I think it’s safe to say that we’re raising a little nature lover.

Ro is happiest when she’s outside, surrounded by animals and able to immerse herself in the elements. Her favorite toys are rocks, sticks, pine cones and seashells (scroll down to see photographic evidence of the absolute horror that occurs when taking away said “toy”).

She also:

• Goes to parties and digs through the trash to sort out recyclables

• Will ask you if you’re a registered voter so you can sign her petition for green energy

• Prefers to be barefoot because it keeps her “in touch with the earth” and screams bloody murder when you do put shoes on her

She’s an avid hiker, bird watcher, leaf collector and farm-stand enthusiast.

As far as actual baby stuff goes, she walks, has started jogging but can’t really control her speed yet, claps, points, dances, hides behind things and pops out like a little madman hoping to scare you, does pull ups on the edge of the kitchen table, says “mmmmm” when taking a bite of something yummy, says “mumma,” takes things out and puts them back in, and understands simple commands like, “don’t go in the other room,” but she promptly ignores said command.


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