PARENTING: Less is more, when it comes to toys

“No gifts, please,” I write on the birthday invitation for my daughter’s party, knowing full well that’s not going to be received well.

“But I found this ONE THING I really want to get for her,” some friends said.

“I’m only going to buy her something little,” my mom insisted.

“Please, don’t bring a gift, she has enough already,” I’d gently reply.

But finding the exact words to describe why we want to limit toys in our house was really hard.

It’s not that we don’t want her to have things. It’s perhaps that we don’t want her to learn to focus on things. We don’t want a flood of toys coming into our house, replacing her ability to use her imagination with the push of a button.

We sometimes struggle to explain that, yes we do care about our child, but no, we don’t want to shower her with gifts and we don’t want others to either. But gifts are often a sign of affection, and it feels odd for some people to be told “no.”

We work really hard to limit the amount of toys she has, the amount of stuff she accumulates and we try to resist being constant consumers. Which is really freakin hard these days.

But we think it’s important.

Because too many toys, as this article suggests, can cause too much stimulation in little minds. Instead of finding all the ways that a toy works, they look for quick entertainment and low value before moving on to the next toy.

I’m not an expert by any means. But I do try to read as much as possible because I want to do the best I can for my child. This article touches a bit on our philosophy, and helps shed some light on why less is more when it comes to toys.

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