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I’m Katrina, the fiery, sarcastic redhead behind The Northeast Ginger.

I hate how fake social media has made us as a society, and it drives me insane that most bloggers only put their best self in public view. I’m here to change that.

My style of writing is authentic AF because quite simply, it’s not my job to sugar coat shit for you; I’m not Willy Wonka.

Yes, my content has swears in it (oh, the horror!!!) but that’s the real me. And the good news is that if it’s not your thing, there’s a million other blogs to choose from.

You still with me? Awesome. So let’s jump right in to the introduction part.

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TODDLER RECIPE: Stupid-Easy Veggie Egg Cups

This recipe really needs no intro other than to tell you the following simple facts: Eggs are an awesome source of protein for growing toddlers Adding veggies and cheese to these egg cups makes it a well-rounded meal/snack, especially if you serve them with these gluten-free sweet potato waffles These freeze really well, so it’s […]

Murder She Read: MAY Book Discussion

Um, just wondering where the actual eff time has gone? Like, how is it already almost June?! I’m at a loss. If you’re just now emerging from quarantine, or you’ve still got a few more weeks to go, I hope this book list/our monthly reading has helped keep you at least somewhat sane while at […]

The Easiest Way to Disinfect Your Floors

Germs are on just about everyone’s minds right now as we all do our best to stay healthy during this pandemic. And with an essential worker in our home, I’ve been extremely nervous about the germs coming into our home. I bought this steam mop on a whim, uncertain about its performance because of the […]

Murder She Read: APRIL Book Discussion

Are you still with me? Because if you’ve been here all along, this is the fourth book we’ve read together! Give yourself some props – that’s like, a semi-impressive accomplishment. If you’re reading this and you’re all like, “huh? You’re making zero sense buddy,” then you should def go read this post before continuing on. […]

5 Products to Make Your At-Home Coffee More Enjoyable

Most of us are spending a lot more time at home these days, and we’re learning to adjust to our new normal. That includes our morning coffee routine. If you haven’t already, check out my recent DIY tutorial to learn two methods for making flavored lattes (iced or hot!) at home. But by just adding […]

DIY: Flavored Hot or Iced Lattes You Can Enjoy At Home While Quarantined

Anyone else hardcore missing their morning Starbucks run right about now? Yep. That’s me. But I will say, I am LOVING all the money we’re saving by skipping Starbs every day. In fact, we’ve started transferring the $10 we used to spend every day directly into a savings account. You would be surprised how quickly […]

RECIPE: Homemade Sea-Salt Butter

Yep, you read that right. Today, we’re making homemade butter. Why? Well, IDK bout you, but this whole COVID-19 quarantine situation has had us cutting our weekly grocery shopping down to bi-weekly. And in the interest of saving time (most grocery stores now limit the number of customers inside at one time, so the lines […]

Our Montessori-Inspired Play space: 12 months+

We firmly believe that less is more when it comes to toys. Now, let’s get one thing straight: I’m not an expert by any means. But I do try to read as much as possible because I want to do the best I can for my child. This article touches a bit on our philosophy, and helps […]

Murder She Read: March Book Discussion

Welcome to Day 999 of the COVID-19 Quarantine. OK so that’s a bit dramatic, but when you’re stuck at home day after day, it all blurs together amiright? All jokes aside, staying home is extra important RN to protect the health and safety of everyone out there, so just do your damn part and #stayhome. […]

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