2019 is the year of YOU

When children are little, we never hesitate to encourage their sense of wonder and imagination. We embolden them, and assert, “you can do anything your heart desires!” We cheer them on as they envision themselves as astronauts, ballerinas, even as the president of the United States.

We foster their dreams, and we dream alongside them, careful not to squash their hopes by saying, “well, honey, that’s probably never going to happen for you, so you might as well give up now.”

But as adults, we rarely afford ourselves that same kindness and encouragement. We lose sight of our dreams, and instead settle into the mundane because, well, shit, somebody’s got to pay the bills. We squash our own hopes, our childlike wonder and imagination, and we give up on ourselves.

We worry about the future, our savings, retirement, putting the kids in the right schools, making the right connections, making the “right” career moves, how to afford a new roof, replacing the carpet in the den…

This year, I challenge you to remember who you wanted to be when you thought nothing could stop you. I challenge you to stop finding all the reasons why you can’t, and replace them with all the reasons why you should.

I want you to find that courage, imagination and excitement you were bursting with as a child. And I want you to chase down your dreams and give them your best fucking shot.

Because if not now, when?

Let’s fucking do this.


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