Celebrating our First Father’s Day

This is the first year my husband, Anthony, will celebrate Father’s Day with our child earthside. And that feels extremely special.

I think about how incredibly wonderful my life has been since Anthony inadvertently became a part of it almost 10 years ago, and I’m eternally grateful for the love, laughter, adventure and fulfillment he contributes.

Because of his active parenting, I can be a better mom. Because of his desire to be ever present, Ro gets to see on a daily basis what it means to be loved, appreciated, cherished, encouraged and cared for by both parents.

He is our everything, and I’m so very glad that she’ll grow up knowing how a woman deserves to be treated. He is truly an outstanding father, and we celebrate him today, and everyday. Love you, mean it.

(P.S. photos are from our day of celebration at a PYO wild flower farm in Somerset, PA.)

64437523_10213107147653587_4856027343551987712_n64373964_10213107147573585_2339850762126884864_n64219176_10213107147853592_6938854029891993600_n64581270_10213107146053547_1348665983446810624_n (1)64329865_10213107146453557_6535271642602405888_n (1)62511735_10213107146373555_7022798036115914752_n (1)64319998_10213107146213551_4923981809303158784_n (1)

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