RECIPE: The Best Chili You’ll Ever Make

Have you ever visited New England in the winter? No, of course not, why would any sane person do that?


From November to March (and God forbid, sometimes early April), most of us wake up every morning wondering why we even live here. Every other day is like Polar Vortex this, Nor’easter that…snow, ice, hail, sleet, blizzard…it’s super fun.

My life during those months revolves around finding the most oversized sweater possible, and stocking up on sour cream. You know…for all the chili I’m gunna stuff into my mouth all winter long.

Chili is pretty much my no.1 hobby this time of year. And I take it pretty seriously.

So when I found this amazing recipe from my favorite food blogger + recipe creator Rach L Mansfield, I was like, “ya bud, sign me up.”

Here’s the recipe!

I made a huge batch of it, and ate most of it in one afternoon. Save your judgement, Karen, you’ve done it before too.

Photo by Rach L Mansfield

Here’s a link to her recipe.

It’s the actual best chili…like, ever. Just try it.

She throws in some tips to keep it Paleo and Whole30, but mama needs her sour cream, so that’s what’s topping my bowl. Sorry Rach, sour cream runs through my veins.

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