DIY: Abstract Wall Art

Let’s be honest for a second: wall art is EXPENSIVE.

So here’s a super easy and cute way to dress up a room with an original piece – made by you!

This craft literally takes all of 20 minutes, and is a great way to add an affordable piece of art to your home. Plus, you have total control over the colors and quotes – no more searching the aisles of Home Goods for weeks to find that perfect piece.

Here’s what you’ll need to DIY:

-3 to 5 different colors of acrylic paint

-Acrylic paint brushes

-A frame of any size

-Cardstock of any color

-Paper plate


Step 1: Go on Pinterest and search “Black and white quotes” in the search bar. The results will show an array of different quotes in black text with a white background. Pick whatever quote you like!

Click on the photo and find where it gives you the option to “download image.” Save the image on your computer as a PDF.

Here’s the image I’m using for this tutorial.

Step 2: Load your cardstock into your printer and print the PDF of your quote.

PRO TIP: Base the dimensions of your print size off of the frame you have. Minimize the print size if you want a smaller print (such as a 5 x 8 frame). If you have a frame that will fit an 8.5 x 11 page, then no modifications are necessary to the print size.

Step 3: Once printed, prep your paints. I typically squeeze a little dollop of each color I’m using on a paper plate.

Step 4: Start with the main color you want on this art. Using one of your paintbrushes, paint random shapes in varying sizes all over your paper. It doesn’t matter if some look messy, or if some are more opaque than others – this all contributes to the “abstract” look. Allow paint to dry.

Step 5: Using a different paint brush, add a second color to the paper. Again, use strokes to draw varying shapes in varying sizes.

Step 6: Repeat Step 5 with different colors.

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