Destination: Nashville

Live music basically 24/7? Check.

Dope-ass food? Check.

Plenty of bars? Definitely check.

People saying y’all and wearing cowboy hats on every corner? Check and check.

Nashville is so my jam. I’ve been more than a handful of times, and it just keeps getting better. Although, nothing really tops celebrating your 30th birthday by dancing on the bar at Coyote Ugly while singing THE THEME SONG TO COYOTE UGLY and then being offered a job. I digress…

Must do:



If you’ve ever heard or read anything about Nashville, like, ever, then you know you just gotta hit up Broadway.

It’s the stretch of town with all the happening honkey tonks, where you’ll find live music and plenty of booze basically 24/7.

Andrew Jacksons’ Hermitage

Tour the grounds and mansion of President Andrew Jacksons’ estate and you’ll learn some fun facts and neat history. It’s a spectacular home set on a gorgeous plot of land. You can even take a gander at Andrew Jacksons’ grave…

Get Your Steps in at Centennial Park

Look, let’s face it: you’re going to be stuffing your face with super amazing foods, and probably drinking lots of alcohol. Do your body a favor and try and get those steps in.

Every time I visit Nashville, I make it a point to get up early every day and walk off the hangover at Centennial Park. Here, you’ll find paved walking trails that circle a picturesque pond (lots of ducks to peep, if that’s your thing) and the famous Parthenon replica, which is pretty much a must see.

Belle Meade Plantation

This one is a no brainer if you’re at all interested in architecture and/or history – Belle Meade is a stunning Greek-Revival Mansion with an incredibly rich history in horse racing.

According to the website, “During the 19th century, Tennessee was near the center of American thoroughbred racing and breeding; it was a proud southern extension of Kentucky’s premier horse industry. Through three generations of the Harding/Jackson family, Belle Meade became the preeminent stud farm and nursery for the American Thoroughbred industry. While the farm did not continue past 1904, the bloodlines established at Belle Meade through Bonnie Scotland and other famous stud horses continues a legacy of speed and endurance that still dominates the Thoroughbred racing scene today.”

Did I mention there’s an on-site winery? Spoiler alert: the wine is phenom, and if you’re looking for a way to get into my good graces, the Blackberry Wine is my fav. Just sayin’.

Plus, if you’ve been itching to reenact a scene from the cult-classic film Heathers, now is your chance – there’s a grass playing court for croquet.

Yes, I absolutely made my brother play croquet with me.

Must Eat

This changes constantly, but there are indeed some staples you can rely on.

Proper Bagel

DANG. Now that’s a proper bagel. No, literally, it came from a place called Proper Bagel.

And it’s the absolute best place for a bagel breakfast in town.

Located on Belmont Boulevard, Propel Bagel describes itself as, a “counter-serve NY-style bagel shop and market serving a variety of fare and coffee.”

Homemade strawberry Pop-Tart from Proper Bagel

Biscuit Love

With several locations throughout the city, getting some grub from Biscuit Love is pretty easy. And you’ll definitely be glad you did.

You absolutely must try the Bonuts – fried biscuit dough, tossed in sugar, topped with lemon mascarpone and served over a blueberry compote.

Their fried chicken is also bomb.

The “Princess” Biscuit

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