STYLE: Cooler Than The Other Side of The Pillow

OK, so, the lighting is off, but like…I was in a bar…so…deal with it.

Did you know?

Wearing a hat increases your cool factor by a lot. Add in a leather jacket, pinball machines + alcohol, + you might as well be the coolest motherfucker that ever lived.

Where did I get this super cool outfit? As the French say…Tarjay.

It’s Target. I’m literally just saying “Target” in a terrible impression of a French accent. What? You’ve never heard anyone do that? Pffff.

Faux Leather Jacket – Target

Chambray Button-Down – Target (tied around waist, cus like, the ’90s are back apparently)

Tie-Waist Tee Shirt – J.Crew

Hat – Target

Jeans – literally the same exact pair I wear every freakin day. Oh right, you wanted to know where they’re from. GAP.

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