RECIPE: Paleo Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Waffles

So, I got a mini waffle maker, and life has truly never been the same. I love this thing like no other appliance I’ve ever owned.

And, I am totally officially an influencer now, because after posting about the specific mini waffle maker that I own, someone I know went out and bought it. If you’re hoping this post contains a discount code to said mini waffle maker, I’ll save you the trouble – I don’t have one. Sadly, I’m not cool enough to have a discount code or be sponsored by the company.

I will still throw in a free plug, simply because I really do love this little guy.

Oh right, you came here for a recipe. My bad. I hate when recipe authors ramble on for six pages before giving you the recipe. Like I really do not need a five-month-long backstory in order to learn how to make meatballs.

So I used a recipe from Rach L Mansfield, who is without a doubt my favorite food blogger and recipe creator.

I tweaked her recipe slightly to suit my own needs, which I’ll lay out below. To get her recipe, click this link.

Her recipe calls for spinach, but I left that out on this batch. I have used green peas and kale before, which was BOMB, and I’ve also used diced jalepenos for a nice little kick.

This particular batch did not have any added veggies in it.

Her recipe also calls for garlic powder, but I like the real deal, so I swapped in two cloves of fresh garlic, minced.

I also swapped the green onion in her recipe for 1/4 of a yellow onion, finely diced.

I love using these mini waffles as the base for a dope breakfast sammie, such as this bacon, egg, avocado and cheese babe below. I will also make a huge batch of these little guys and freeze them so they’re ready to go in the morning – just pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds, or toss in the toaster on the “bagel” setting.

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