DIY: Wine Tasting Date Night

I don’t know anything about wine, and neither does my husband, so clearly, we’re a match.

So I thought it would be fun to create a little wine tasting with meat and cheese pairings, and we could laugh about how stupid we are when it comes to describing wine.

P.S. I’m aware that the baked brie is missing from this photo. It was still in the oven at this point lol.

I created little wine tasting cards (I just typed up some stuff in a Word doc and printed it on card stock) for us to use, urging us to contemplate the different flavors in each wine, and what we could pick up on. Each wine got its own little card, and also asked us to describe it and rate it.

Spoiler alert: we were SUPER bad at it and it was hilarious.

I chose three random wines at my liquor store without reading about any of them. I kept each to about $10 a bottle, and I only chose three because A. I’m on a budget, and B. I wasn’t trying to get absolutely wasted.

I went with whites because I hate red wine, and I figured having all whites would make for an easier transition between each. (Is that true?? Does anyone here know anything about wine?? Plz help in the comments).

Once I had chosen the wines (again, I DID NOT READ THE LABELS) I just did a quick Google search for what kind of meat or cheese to pair each with.

Yep, those are our hands and feet in the photo. Very sexy.

Here’s what I ended up with:

1. Chateau de Michelle Riesling – 2018

I paired this with uncured pepperoni and spicy dry salami.

2. Foodies Pinot Grigio – 2018

This was paired with a log of goat cheese drizzled with honey and some creamy mozzarella.

3. Bartenura Moscato – 2018

This was paired with a baked brie covered in raspberry preserves and some aged parmesan.


I used a roll of butcher paper to dress up our kitchen island, and used a permanent marker to organize the wines, meats and cheeses.

The only reason there are six wine glasses is because I did not want to rinse each glass out after each tasting. Ya…I’m that lazy.

Overall, this only cost about $50 to put together, and was a really simple way to do date night at home – it was way better than our typical dinner and movie BS. And sometimes, doing something different is all it takes to keep things interesting and fun in your relationship!

Want more ideas to spice up your date night?

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