RECIPE: Is breakfast charcuterie a thing?

This weekend, my husband turned 30.

And when asked how he’d like to spend his birthday, his answer was, “breakfast charcuterie.”

“Is breakfast charcuterie even a thing?” I pondered aloud.

If it’s not a thing, it is now. I am calling it: 2019 will be the year of the breakfast charcuterie.

Beautiful platters of delicious breakfast items will be enjoyed by the masses at brunch spots all throughout the nation. Because this is America dammit. And we want our breakfast items displayed nicely on a wooden board so we can take pics for our Instagram.

Anywho, we made a breakfast charcuterie, complete with twice-baked potatoes topped with eggs, bacon and scallions; scrambled eggs with a side of arugula and sautéed grape tomatoes; bacon; and croissants with jam and butter. Nom nom.



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