Recipe: Feta-Cucumber Dressing

If you’re still using store bought dressing, you’re doing it wrong.

The majority of conventional dressings are full of harmful shit like artificial dyes, seed oils and sugar. What’s the point in eating a salad if you’re just covering it in ingredients that fuel inflammation and disease within your body?

Can you find a handful of brands at your grocery store that have better ingredients? Definitely.

But an even better, and more affordable option is to simply make your own dressings at home.

This recipe is a staple in our household, and can be used on everything – on top of salad, as a veggie dip, on burgers, meatballs, chicken…you name it.

My best advice is to use a 16 oz mason jar to prepare this dressing. Simply add all the ingredients to the jar, cover and shake well. It’s really that simple!

Your dressing will stay fresh in the fridge for up to a week.


•8 oz plain Greek yogurt

•1 block of feta cheese

•1-2 tbsp milk

•Juice of 1/2 lemon

•1/4 tsp of each: garlic powder, salt, black pepper, dill and parsley

•1 tbsp olive oil

•Handful of finely chopped cucumber (you can leave the peel on)

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