Destination: Thurmund

On today’s episode of “Weird Shit That Katrina Does,” we’re exploring a random ghost town that’s notorious for hosting the world’s longest-lasting poker game (it lasted for 14 years).

Welcome to Thurmond, West Virginia. Current population: 5.


Now preserved on the National Register of Historic Places, this ghost town was accessible solely by rail until 1921, and was once a dry town (boo, no fun).

I was first introduced to this little piece of history on the TV show “Mysteries of the Abandoned,” which, if you know anything about me by now, it’s that I’m a complete history nerd, so this show is entirely up my alley. Quick synopsis: engineers, architects and historians explore – you guessed it – abandoned places around the globe, diving into the rich past each place holds. Though they now stand alone and obsolete, most places used to live at the cutting-edge engineering, development and technology.

Anywho, I saw a quick glimpse at this place on ye old television one night. And when I found out it just happened to be along the way to another destination we were headed to, I was like WE’RE STOPPING! And it did not disappoint.

A few buildings have been pristinely preserved on the exterior, with the interior looking pretty darn creepy – the doors are locked, but if you look inside the windows, you’ll see everything left exactly in its place, as if the inhabitants had to head out at a moment’s notice, taking little with them.

Must eat:

Ya, so, since it’s a ghost town, um, there’s no food here. Bring a sammie.

Must do:

OK, um, so, walking around and looking at historic remnants of this old town is legit the only thing to do. So, if that’s not your jam, this is probs not the place for you.


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