The Easiest Way to Disinfect Your Floors

Germs are on just about everyone’s minds right now as we all do our best to stay healthy during this pandemic.

And with an essential worker in our home, I’ve been extremely nervous about the germs coming into our home.

I bought this steam mop on a whim, uncertain about its performance because of the reviews. But I’m extremely pleased with it! And you really can’t beat the price!

Keep in mind this is not a traditional mop – it’s not meant for mopping up bill spills or stuck-on goop.

But for purely disinfectant purposes, it’s perfect, and I highly recommend it. It’s lightweight and very easy to maneuver. Plus the pads are machine washable.

I have been using it in our entry way daily, where shoes are worn until they get put away in the closet. Then once a week, I’ll do the whole apartment (minus the carpeted rooms, obv) after vacuuming.

I mentioned it in passing to a friend a few weeks ago, and she decided to try it for herself. I’m happy to report that she’s loving it so far!

You can find it here!

Shark came out with a newer version recently, so I linked to that one.

Happy cleaning!

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