Yet another ‘home sweet home’

New digs, who dis?

This is our eighth move in eight years. Yep, you read that right.

We’ve moved so many times that pretty much everyone in our lives knows better than to mail us anything without first double checking our current address.

So here we are, picking up again and finding yet another new place to call “home.”

This move is a really special one though, because it comes after a long season (6 months) of disappointment and redirection.

When we relocated to New England, we had a great place lined up. We were so excited to build our lives there. It was a brand new complex and originally was slated for completion in September. That quickly changed to November. But we’d already committed to moving, so my husband’s parents graciously and generously offered to let us stay with them for six weeks while we waited for our place to finish construction.

In late October, we learned it now wouldn’t be ready until early January. And in January, the building still wasn’t completed.

We felt lost and in limbo, not sure what direction to go in and if we even belonged in that new place anymore. But finding a different, new new place wasn’t that easy.

And there were a lot of feelings of disappointment in ourselves, too. Feeling like failures and complete losers for being our age and “living at home.” Feeling like we’d made a wrong choice moving away from Pittsburgh and like this situation was permanent. That was really tough on us.

Moving means our lives aren’t “on hold” anymore. That we are continuing forward and rebuilding. I can’t express our gratitude enough for my in-laws taking us in when we had nowhere to go. And for not kicking us out when six weeks turned into six months.

But damn, it feels good to be back on our own. 

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